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How long do transdermal CBD patches last?

Posted by Lewis Olden on
How long do transdermal CBD patches last?

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But what about the patch? This newer alternative boasts all the same benefits of relaxation and relief, but with a few extra perks.

Read on for how transdermal CBD patches can help manage your pain and what to expect when wearing one.

CBD Patches typically are kept on the body for 24 hours and the effects and benefits can be felt while the patch is on and once it has been removed.

How Does CBD Offer Pain Relief?

CBD is one of the many cannabis compounds found in hemp plants. Yet, it's continuing to get a great deal of attention from the medical industry. As it has the power to reduce pain without health risks or side effects.

This means CBD works without producing any feelings of a high that come from THC products. So, it's safe to use at work or while operating a vehicle.

This also makes CBD a great all-natural alternative for athletes. As it helps with pain, muscle recovery, and improved focus.

How Do CBD Patches Work?

Transdermal CBD patches for pain can help relieve both surface injuries and internal pains. The patch looks like a plaster or nicotine patch yet contains a specific amount of CBD. When placed on your skin, it uses body heat to absorb the cannabinoid into your system.

It's best to place the patch on a part of your body that contains plenty of veins and blood vessels, like the foot or wrist. This helps the CBD travel to the bloodstream in a more efficient way.

The patch is different than other CBD products as it focuses on placing the CBD onto your skin. This method provides different benefits than ingesting or inhaling CBD into your body.

Transdermal CBD patches work well because they do not enter into the digestive or respiratory systems. Meaning the CBD does not get broken down by other parts of the body, like your stomach, liver, or lungs. This happens when you consume edibles, CBD capsules, and CBD oils or vape CBD e liquids.

With patches, you're getting the full concentrated quantity of CBD. None of the CBD's strength or medicinal properties get lost through the process.

Managing Your Pain with the Patch

The transdermal CBD patch works to provide relief throughout the entire body. Yet, it can also help to target specific areas of pain. Patches can even penetrate further than CBD lotions and salves.

Patches can provide pain relief for the following conditions:

  • Chronic pain
  • Arthritis
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Sports injuries, like knee pain
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Sciatica

Wearing a patch can also help reduce inflammation. It also works to strengthen your immune system to help fight disease and illness.

CBD Offers Much More Than Pain Relief

Transdermal CBD patches and products also help people improve their mental health and wellbeing. CBD also works to balance hormones and stabilize moods. It can provide relief from anxiety, depression, and even bipolar disorder.

Wearing a patch can also improve the following:

  • Insomnia
  • PMS symptoms
  • Muscle spasms
  • Sexual performance
  • Epilepsy
  • Nausea

CBD is even showing great promise for cancer research and development. Recent studies show it may be able to help reduce cancer cell growth.

How Long Do They Last?

Hemp patches adhere right onto your skin. This allows users for a quick and easy application for pain relief. So no need to have vape pens or dabbers on hand.

They are discreet and small in size, about 2x2 inches. So, you can barely feel or see them on your skin.

The effects are not as instant as smoking cannabinoid products. Yet, shouldn't take longer than 30 minutes to set in. Transdermal patches also offer effects that last longer than other CBD products.

The patch works by providing a controlled supply of CBD, that works throughout the day. This provides a consistent flow of CBD in a reliable, effective and timely delivery.

It's a long-term alternative to pain relief as the CBD gets administered in a slow cycle, rather than all at once. This keeps the patch working for 8 to 12 hours on average.

You're also able to pick your exact amount of CBD. With 10 to 20 mg being the most popular strengths. Make the most of Cannacare's own CBD dosage calculator which allows you to input your own details and see how much CBD you should be taking each day. 

Patches also get preferred as a way to find relief while you sleep. So you won't have to wake up and take another round in the middle of the night.

How Are CBD Products Changing the Medical Industry?

CBD products have seen a spike in sales as people seek natural alternatives to medicine. A variety of cannabis patches for sale are showing up in many local and online dispensaries. They also come in different sized sets, for short-term to long-term use.

CBD provides relief without the side effects that come from prescriptions and OTC drugs. NSAIDs come with health risks of their own. This includes liver damage, increased blood pressure, and heart disease. This has also been clearly stated by the FDA

With CBD, you can use one patch or product to help with a variety of symptoms. So, there's less need to mix medications and experience unwanted side effects from it.

CBD is even helping those who suffer from addiction to painkillers, like opioids. These medications come with serious side effects like addiction and overdose. The only side effects of CBD products include slight dry mouth.

The benefits of CBD products are even impacting the beauty industry. CBD is helping people to combat acne and wrinkles for younger looking skin. Check out this list of topical CBD skin care products to try, including CBD balm, CBD moisturiser and CBD cream.

CBD Pain Relief: Picking the Right Patches and Products

CBD patches offer an all-natural alternative to pain relief, with a variety of products on the market. Yet, it's important to note that not all products get made the same. Be sure to do your research ahead of time so that you're buying from a quality and reputable brand.

Pick products that use cannabis strains that are high in CBD, rather than THC. This also ensures the CBD concentration is consistent. This way you have more control over your serving.

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