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Wholesale CBD Oil, Capsules, Patches & Topicals for sale in UK & Europe

With the explosion of popularity surrounding CBD in recent years, it is no surprise that more and more people are looking for reliable and trustworthy partners who can provide a seamless wholesale CBD service.

As many of you will have found out by now, it can be a painstaking and costly process to actually source a dependable CBD wholesale partner. Unfortunately, this is even harder in the UK and throughout Europe where the market is far less developed than that of the US. What that does mean however is that there is enormous potential for growth and now is the time to join the CBD revolution.

If you are still searching for a wholesale CBD supplier, then look no further than Cannacares. We offer a wide range of world-class products, ranging from revolutionary CBD patches to medically certified CBD vape products and everything in between. Why not check out our Trustpilot to see what our existing customers have to say? You can scroll down to the bottom of this page in order to view our full range of products on offer.

Rest assured that all of Cannacares’ bulk CBD products are compliant with all EU and UK regulations. Independent, third-party lab reports, otherwise known as a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) are also available upon request for all our products.

Don’t sacrifice on quality – get in touch with Cannacares today and begin your own CBD journey. You can either call us directly on or 020 3997 8888 or scroll down to the bottom of the page and fill out our contact form. Alternatively, if you’re local to London, then why not pop down to our Hampstead CBD shop and see our products for yourself?

C B D  W H O L E S A L E

Why is wholesale CBD increasing in popularity in UK?

Years of prohibitive legislation are slowly eroding across the world as lawmakers have finally begin to appreciate the nuanced nature of cannabis and the enormous therapeutic potential that the plant possesses.

These changes in legislation, coupled with a renewed push for further research has led to something of a revolution for the CBD industry. It is now common to see CBD products stocked in a range of high street stores, from health shops to national supermarket chains.

As more and more therapeutic benefits are discovered, the number of people wanting to try CBD is rapidly increasing. In fact, sales of CBD products in the UK doubled between 2017 and 2019. Furthermore, research from the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis highlighted that there are 1.3 million regular CBD users and 6 million people who have purchased it in just 2018 and 2019 alone.

Is CBD legal in the UK?

The sale, possession and ingestion of CBD products in the UK are all legal. That said, there are a number of regulations that you should be aware of first and foremost.

To begin with, the legal limit for THC in CBD products in the UK is 0.2% and this should be confirmed via a Certificate of Analysis. When it comes to ingestible CBD products however, there should be no THC.

Medical claims cannot be made, so advertising and marketing must adhere to this. Additionally, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) recommend a daily dosage of no more than 70mg.

Due to the novel nature of the CBD industry these regulations are constantly evolving. As a result, it is important to always keep on top of the latest laws. If you would like to learn more about the legality of CBD in the UK, you can either give us a call or read our comprehensive guide to CBD laws in the UK.

Make sure you know what you’re buying

When shopping for bulk CBD products, it is important that you know exactly what you are looking for. For example, a number of nefarious players in the market will often attempt to sell hemp seed oil under the guise of CBD oil.

These two products are very different, from their manufacturing down to the health benefits of each. If you would like to learn more on a comparison of the two, then read our guide to CBD oil vs hemp seed oil.

Once you are fully aware of the differences between the two, then it becomes easy to quickly scan a Certificate of Analysis and see exactly what you are buying in a matter of seconds.

Rest assured, when buying Cannacares’ bulk CBD products, you are receiving world-class, industry-leading products that are held to the highest manufacturing standards. Every product that we offer is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified.

Why choose Cannacares as your CBD wholesale partner?

As previously stated, Cannacares’ CBD products are industry-leading in terms of their quality and innovation. We take our position very seriously from a medical standpoint and every decision made is done so with the consumer in mind.

This has led to a range of truly world-beating products. Our VapePod device for example is the world’s first medically certified vaporisation device for cannabis-derived formulas. We are also one of the UK’s leading retailers of dermal CBD patches. These provide a consistent and steady 24-hour dose of CBD with extremely high bioavailability, as the CBD directly enters the bloodstream.

We are incredibly flexible and willing to work with businesses of all sizes. We have no set MOQ’s (minimum order quantities), so do not feel like you wouldn’t be taken seriously. We are willing to work with all manner of businesses.

Just get in touch and let us know exactly what we are looking for – a deal can more than likely be reached! Just remember that when buying bulk CBD products from Cannacares, the more you order, the better the deal will be for you. Our extremely competitive pricing allows you to earn significant returns on our fast-selling wholesale CBD products.

We also have considerable experience in fulfilling wholesale CBD orders in countries throughout Europe. We have now developed a seamless operation in this regard. Subject to local laws, we will be happy to supply countries throughout Europe.

What wholesale CBD products can I buy from Cannacares? 

At Cannacares, we are constantly striving to be at the forefront of this wonderfully innovative industry. We work each day to provide high quality products that will meet the needs of every user. Read more about the dazzling array of products below:

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