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Download the Eva app

by Alta Flora from your app store. Eva will help you track just how helpful your Cannacares patches are in treating your symptoms.

Measure what matters

Track the symptoms which are most important to you, and let us help you find the best way to manage your medication. Use this data to help you communicate with your doctor about your quality of life.

How to use

Eva will help you track just how helpful your Cannacares patches are in treating your symptoms. 

Sign up and select the symptoms you would like to track by tapping the edit icon in the top right-hand corner
(you can add as many as required). 

To add medication tap the edit icon in the top right, click 'Other items' and select 'cannabis-based product' and type 'cannacares' in the ‘Product name’ section, selecting the patch you're using.

You can now add your Cannacares patch, tracking your symptoms from a scale of 1-10.

Listening to patients

Healthcare systems are using technology to deliver better patient outcomes. But the most revolutionary act in healthcare is still listening to the patient. Above all, our services are designed with empathy.

E V A  A P P

What are CBD Patches?

CBD patches utilise topical delivery to provide you with a daily dose of CBD. A CBD patch is similar in size to a typical plaster, the major difference is that CBD patches are infused with high quality CBD.

The CBD is infused with the adhesive of the plaster, the enables the most effective delivery of the CBD. The CBD is released when the patch is activated by your body heat and the CBD then passes through the skin and into the bloodstream. 

The manner in which CBD patches deliver CBD avoids the liver and digestive system. This means that the CBD is not broken down as much when it enters the blood compared to using CBD oils or CBD tablets.

CBD patches deliver the CBD using topical technology that provides the user with a simple and long-lasting dose of CBD. One of the great things about using CBD patches is that if you do not like the effect, they are having you can simply remove the patch from your body and the effects should quickly subside. 

The taste of CBD oil and CBD sprays can be unpalatable for many CBD users. A great benefit of using CBD patches is that they deliver the CBD via topical delivery so if you don’t like the taste of CBD you can still use CBD that is highly effective. 

CBD patches last longer than other methods of consuming CBD. The effect of using CBD oils or CBD vapes will only last for a few hours. Whereas CBD patches release CBD over a longer duration of time and this means that the medicinal effects of CBD patches extend over a longer period. Cannacares CBD patches typically last for 24 hours.

Try our CBD Patches range

Try them for yourself! We have a great range to get your started in finding the right balance and dosage for you. The Eva App by Alta-Flora helps you monitor your CBD usage as well as keeping a note of your symptoms.

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