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CBD Patches

CBD patches are to be kept on for 24 Hours to achieve the maximum effect.
Your body heat activates the patch and causes it to release a small amount of CBD through your skin and into your bloodstream. Think of it like an IV without the pesky needles. When you apply a transdermal CBD Patch to your skin, you set up a drug concentration gradient. That means the patch contains a lot of cannabinoid, while your skin does not. The good thing about transdermal delivery is that it bypasses your lungs, liver, and stomach (places where your body filters or breaks down the cannabinoid). 
Cannacares Blog
How Do CBD Patches Make You Feel?
How Do CBD Patches Make You Feel?
Cannacares Blog
Where is the best place to put a transdermal CBD patch?
Where is the best place to put a transdermal CBD patch?
Cannacares Blog
The Ultimate Guide to Transdermal CBD Patches
The Ultimate Guide to Transdermal CBD Patches

What is CBD?

CBD is shorthand for cannabidiol which is one of over one hundred cannabinoids contained within the cannabis plant. CBD is non-psychoactive and does not get the user high. It is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that causes the infamous psychoactive effects of cannabis. UK products must not contain THC, so CBD products in the UK will not get you high.

There is evidence to support theories that CBD can help to treat an array of ailments and conditions. These therapeutic benefits include,
anti-inflammation, inducement of sleep, reduction in anxiety and relief for a number of symptoms of chronic conditions. 

What are CBD Patches?

CBD patches are the size of a standard plaster. However, the adhesive that is used to connect the patch to the skin is infused with CBD. Formulating CBD patches with the active ingredient within the adhesive enables an efficient delivery of CBD into the bloodstream by passing through a concentration gradient.

Do CBD Patches contain THC?

Cannacares CBD patches do not contain any THC. The CBD patches are formulated using broad-spectrum CBD oil, meaning that there is no trace of THC in the CBD oil that is used within the patches. The broad-spectrum CBD oil is then formulated into the adhesive of the patch to enable an efficient method to deliver CBD through the CBD patch.

How do Topical CBD Patches work?

CBD patches administer the cannabinoid directly into the skin’s cells. These skin cells consist of lipids and cannabinoids are also lipids.

When using a CBD patch, the CBD diffuses through the skin cells and eventually makes its way to enter the blood vessels. A CBD patch delivers the CBD into your bloodstream via the skin and this enables the CBD to come into contact with the endocannabinoid system. Once the CBD is connected with the endocannabinoid system, the CBD binds with CB1 and CB2 receptors, this process than results in an array of therapeutic effects. 

How are CBD Patches Made?

CBD is a derivative of the leaves and flowers of mature hemp plants and are extracted using a sophisticated CO2 extraction method. The CBD is then formulated with MCT oil to create the final product and ensure that the products are of the highest quality.

As of March 31 2021, all ingestible CBD products will have to be formulated using CBD isolate. Cannacares CBD oils use CBD isolate from a supplier who has submitted their Novel Food Dossier and stability testing is being carried out on the CBD oils to ensure they are fully compliant with the new regulations. 

Co2 Extraction



Lab Testing


What Ailments can Topical CBD Patches Support?

There have been many studies around the world that have proved CBD has therapeutic and medicinal benefits for a wide range of conditions. CBD patches can be used to treat symptoms of an array of conditions. The symptoms that CBD patches may be able to alleviate are listed below. We have included a brief explanation of how exactly CBD can alleviate certain symptoms, while also including links to relevant clinical studies.

As has been well documented in the CBD community, clinical research is still very much in an embryonic phase. While there has been a great deal of anecdotal evidence that has come to the fore, further clinical trials are still required in order to cement these claims. That said, there has still been a number of thorough studies that have been carried out which have garnered encouraging results.  

H O W  T O  U S E

How to use our CBD Patches

To use a CBD patch, you simply peel off the patch from the card it is initially stuck to within the pouch and then apply or stick the patch to the outside of the top of your arm, just below the shoulder. CBD patches work best when applied to the outside of the top of your arm as opposed to the route of the pain or distress because the top of your arm is a venous area. The nature of how CBD patches work means that it is imperative that CBD patches are applied to a venous area.  

What are the different types of CBD Patches?

There are several variations of CBD patches that have been developed over the past few decades
that all use variations of the topical delivery method.

Active Adhesive Patches

Active adhesive patches incorporate the active ingredient that is being administered within a pressure sensitive adhesive. These patches use state of the art technology and are the most complex formulations and generate the most beneficial effects. The CBD is directly included within the adhesive polymer and this not only performs the adhesive function of the patch, but it also controls the rate at which the CBD is delivered. Formulating an effective active adhesive CBD patch is extraordinarily difficult and this is why it can be so hard to find an effective CBD patch. Cannacares using the best technology combined with unique formulations to ensure that the efficacy and effectiveness of our CBD patches are the best available on the market.

Reservoir Patches

Reservoir patches contain a reservoir of CBD that is administered when the CBD is transferred to your skin from the reservoir. Reservoir patches often have a rate controlling membrane and a reservoir containing the active ingredient.

Matrix Patches

Matrix topical patches or pain patches are typically thinner and more flexible. They are also much cheaper to manufacture, so this is why many brands choose to use Matrix patches as they are less expensive to manufacture. Matrix CBD patches can deliver the active ingredient at a steady rate of a course of several days, matrix patches are able to do this as the CBD is released from the patch and is then absorbed, the CBD then dissolves back into the adhesive which means it is compensating for the CBD that has already been used.

What are the Benefits of CBD Patches?

Topical CBD patches have a variety of benefits which means they are one of the best methods to consume CBD.

One of the most appealing characteristics of using CBD patches over some other delivery methods is that they are extremely discreet. If you do not want to be seen taking CBD tablets or dropping a CBD oil under your tongue several times a day, a topical CBD patch may be the best option. CBD patches are the most discreet consumption option available on the UK and international markets. CBD patches are rapidly growing in popularity in the UK and around the world. 

24 Hour CBD Release

1 Patch lasts a whole 24 hrs; providing relief throughout the day and  night.

100% Medicinal Value

Topical delivery allows the CBD to bypasses your lungs, liver and stomach.

Accurate Dosing

Using our CBD patches will deliver an accurate dose all the time, every time.

A CBD patch will last for 24 hours, this means that you only have to administer one dose of CBD per day rather than the required 3 or 4 doses needed for some other methods of using CBD. The long-lasting nature of the patch also lets you assess the true effect of the patch and whether it works well for you.

Topical patches can be formulated to have very specific desired effects. It is possible to formulate a CBD patch to target specific problems such as pain, inflammation, anxiety or sleeping issues. This is very different to other methods of CBD that only last for a few hours, so the precision in their delivery method cannot be designed to the same precision. This means that if you used a CBD patch that is designed in a manner to combat your symptoms or issues, it is likely to have a more meaningful impact. 

CBD patches last longer than other CBD products. Patches release CBD gradually over a 24-hour period and this means that a longer period of relief is achieved. The medicinal effects of using a CBD patch last for the 24hrs that you are wearing the patch & can extend beyond this period.

CBD patches are often more effective than other delivery methods such as CBD oils or CBD sprays. This is because the organs that typically break down CBD are extremely efficient. Your lungs, liver, stomach and digestive system are superb at preventing chemicals from entering the bloodstream. This is perfect for occasions when you consume something harmful or dangerous, but it is not ideal when you have ingested or inhaled a substance that has prospective beneficial therapeutic effects. 

Your digestive system cannot differentiate between substances that are benign and malign. The body just simply dilutes and filters out all of the unrecognised chemicals that you consume. This means that when consuming CBD via a CBD oil or CBD vape you need to ensure that enough CBD is being consumed to have a noticeable effect. However, with a CBD patch, the lungs, liver and digestive system are all bypassed meaning that more of the CBD enters your bloodstream which results in better therapeutic effects. This means that CBD patches can contain less CBD and have an equal or greater effect than other methods of using CBD. 

CBD products are possibly the easiest way to take CBD. With a CBD patch, you simply apply the patch to your skin and then the CBD patch will begin to take effect. This makes using CBD easy and uncomplicated.

If you do not like the sensation that is caused by a CBD patch, you can simply take the patch off and the effects of the CBD will wear off. You cannot do this with CBD products that are ingested or inhaled. 

Many people do not like the taste of CBD oil and the taste can prevent people from using what could have been a very beneficial product for them. With CBD patches there is obviously no taste issues to worry about. The CBD patches do not even have a strong smell. This makes them ideal for anyone who doesn’t like the taste of CBD oil, CBD sprays or has difficulty swallowing. 

CBD patches are fantastic way to ensure that you get an accurate dose of CBD. Other than using CBD capsules or CBD tablets, accurate dosing of CBD can be very difficult to attain. However, a CBD patch delivers an accurate dose every single time you use one. You certainly cannot say the same of CBD oils and this is one of the reasons why CBD patches are such an amazing product. 

Alternatives to Pain Patches

While pain patches formulated for pain control, such as Salonpas patches, are known to be effective to a degree, there are a number of reasons why CBD patches are a superior choice.

Firstly, pain control patches are only effective in the area local to where the patch is applied. This means that you are very limited in the areas on which the patch can be placed. For example, if you had a stiff neck, you are unlikely to want to place a patch here. With CBD patches on the other hand, they diffuse CBD into your bloodstream, which is then carried around the body to whichever area of the body requires it.

Furthermore, pain patches typically last for around 8-12 hours. This means that you would need to use 2 patches every day to alleviate any painful symptoms for both the day and the night. Cannacares CBD patches produce a steady dosage of CBD across a 24-hour period however, meaning you can use just one to alleviate symptoms throughout both day and night. Moreover, they can be taken off and reapplied whenever necessary.

A number of pain control patches, such as Salonpas pain patches, cannot be used for more than 3 consecutive days. With CBD patches, there is no such concern as there is no conclusive evidence for negative side effects brought about through persistent long term usage. 

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