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Where is the best place to put a transdermal CBD patch?

Posted by Lewis Olden on
Where is the best place to put a transdermal CBD patch?

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What are CBD Patches?

Did you know that you could substitute traditional CBD consumption methods for CBD transdermal patches?

The market for CBD has exploded, introducing CBD products for every type of cannabis and CBD consumer. Transdermal CBD patches are similar to nicotine and birth control patches, which are two of the most common transdermal patches available.  

To make CBD patches, an adhesive patch similar to a bandage is infused with cannabis oils or isolates.Theoretically, cannabis pain patches work by delivering a slow release of cannabinoid medications through the skin and into capillaries that allow the medicines to enter the bloodstream.

However, there are some important caveats to consider regarding these claims.
The active molecules of the cannabis plant, called cannabinoids, may be too large to efficiently absorb deep enough into the skin to penetrate into the bloodstream without technological support.

For this reason, several companies hold patent applications for the development of cannabis pain patches that rely on the use of microneedles to more successfully penetrate the skin and deliver cannabis medicines where they need to go.

The nice thing about transdermal delivery is that it bypasses your lungs, liver, and stomach (places where your body filters or breaks down the CBD). Ensuring you get 100 percent of the medicinal value of the CBD.


A safety option for the forgetful

Many of you don’t have time to take supplements every now and we don’t always remember the right time to take the next serving. This is a method that allow you to get CBD continually into your bodies. For first-time user, it’s a fantastic way to figure out if CBD is going to be a beneficial compound for your unique system.

What are the Benefits of using CBD Patches?

○ No added chemicals.

○ Use whole plant supercritical CO2 extracted oil to provide all of the goodness of the natural plant.

○ Patches provide accurate ratios, and larger quantities of available cannabinoids for delivery.

    CBD Patches provide fast and effective delivery of medicine outside the digestive process providing undiluted absorption of cannabinoids into the bloodstream.

    They give a significantly longer period of dosing, up to 96 hours. Because of the unique reservoir design that allows for gradual absorption.

    Transdermal patches come pre-loaded with measured doses of cannabinoids, allowing consumers to have more precise control over how much medicine they are consuming.


    Best areas to place the patch

    Placing a patch on areas that feature a thick layer of fat tissue or dense skin will make it much more difficult for the medicines to reach effective absorbency.
    For example, a transdermal patch may be more effective somewhere near a knee or shoulder joint than it would closer to the hip joint. Why? Joints at the knee and shoulder feature a thinner layer of fat and tissue rather than the joints of the hip, which is also covered by thick layers of muscle.

    Those hoping for more general relief may want to consider placing patches on the wrist, the lower abdomen, or on the shoulder blade.

    These locations feature the best access to blood vessels. Although, as mentioned above, it is important to follow package directions and consult a medical professional regarding how to best use your transdermal patch.

     Side Effects

    In the past few years, CBD and there many options to consume has been a subject to study side effects, variety, legalisation. When it comes to transdermal CBD patches, the cannabinoid is delivered slowly over a long period of time instead of quickly over the course of just a few minutes.

    One of the only commonly reported issues is a tendency to experience dry mouth after taking CBD. But in a world full of treatments with a long list of negative side effects, a little dry mouth is a small price to pay for a decrease in your symptoms.

    The only other possible side effect of CBD of note has to do with CBD’s interaction with other medications. CBD inhibits your liver’s ability to break down most of the pharmaceuticals that humans take. This isn’t really a problem if you stop one medication and take CBD for the condition instead.

    Try CBD Patches for yourself

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