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CBD Vape Oil, E-Liquids & Vape Pens

CBD vape oils are a great choice of delivery method for those looking for an instant impact. CBD enters your bloodstream through the lining of your lungs, rather than passing through the digestive system. This means that not only does the CBD take effect more quickly, it also has a higher bioavailability than almost any other CBD delivery method - somewhere between 50-60%.

Our VapePod device, designed to last for life, is the first ever medically certified CBD vape pen. They are designed with discretion in mind, producing virtually no smell in use and being slim enough to slip into your pocket. The VapePod device combines wireless charging, haptic and visual indicators as well as a mouthpiece with large channels that promote easy inhalation. Furthermore, the device adjusts its temperature according to the formula of the vape cartridge being used in order to provide optimum performance.