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CBD Balm for Muscles, Massages, Tattoos & More (100ml/150mg)

Cannacares Cream CBD Balm for Muscles, Massages & More (100ml/150mg)
Cannacares Cream CBD Balm for Muscles, Massages & More (100ml/150mg)
Cannacares Cream CBD Balm for Muscles, Massages & More (100ml/150mg)
Cannacares Cream CBD Balm for Muscles, Massages & More (100ml/150mg)

CBD Balm for Muscles, Massages, Tattoos & More (100ml/150mg)


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A multi-use 100ml/150mg CBD balm, this reparative ointment is the solution for severely dry, irritated and cracked skin.

Powered by our Organic Hemp Oil, it contains a blend of nourishing and soothing natural oils including rosemary and lemon peel.

The ointment's healing properties make it ideal for sensitive skin types and suitable for use on scars and other problem areas.

You can also apply it to sore muscles after a tough workout to provide some much needed relief. We'll leave the choice of use to you!

Cannacares' CBD balm contains 150 mg CBD and no prohibited psychotropic cannabinoids (THC).   

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