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CBD and Cosmetics: Is the Hype Valid?

Posted by Tabitha Steemson on
CBD and Cosmetics: Is the Hype Valid?

Recently, as CBD has become more common and mainstream across the country, there has been a noticeable rise in beauty companies incorporating the ingredient into their products. It’s soothing and anti-inflammatory properties lend themselves to creams and balms, after all. However, with some CBD cosmetics the quantity of CBD you’re getting can be unclear. Moreover, you might wonder if the CBD you put on your skin has the same effects as CBD ingested or inhaled. This article with go through all the questions you might have about CBD cosmetics, so you can be an expert in knowing what to look for. 

What Is CBD?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of many substances found in the cannabis plant. Unlike the other most common substance found in cannabis, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD does not have any psychoactive properties. This means it does not get you ‘high’ or cause you to experience any of the typical feelings one associates with smoking or ingesting cannabis.

 CBD has anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties. It works with the body’s internal endocannabinoid system to relieve experiences of pain and stress. There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that it can be incredibly effective for those with chronic pain, insomnia, and possibly other conditions too.

 CBD is entirely legal in the UK and is purchasable online or over the counter in health stores and pharmacies. It is available in a wide range of delivery methods, from the common tincture oils that you place under your tongue, to the creams and balms that will be discussed in this post.

Is CBD Still as Effective when Applied Topically?

Studies have clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of CBD for pain relief. For example, it is proven to have anti-inflammatory properties, which can relieve pain for those with chronic conditions. When taken orally, the CBD enters your bloodstream and can begin to work alongside your pain receptors to help alleviate symptoms.

 However, topical CBD works slightly differently. When you apply CBD as a cosmetic to a certain area, it can permeate the tissues. In doing so, the endocannabinoid system in this area can be saturated, and therefore inflammation can be reduced. What the CBD is doing is limiting the inflammatory response of your body, thus relieving and soothing pain.

 There are also added effects of using CBD cosmetics that cannot be experienced through the use of CBD orally. For example, a 2014 study demonstrated that CBD helps the sebum, or oil producing, cells in the skin reduce the amount of oil they take. This sebum is a cause of acne, and therefore topical application of CBD cosmetics may be useful for those suffering from breakouts and acne.

 What are the Benefits of CBD Cosmetics?

 The benefit of using CBD as a cosmetic is linked to how it functions when applied to the skin. As the CBD bypasses your digestive system, it works quickly to address the pain. Moreover, when applied to a specific area, it targets those particular tissues. Therefore, if you are experiencing pain in a single targeted area, a CBD cosmetic or cream is a fantastic way to relieve this pain.

 The anti inflammatory properties of CBD may CBD cosmetics useful on burns. Many doctors recommend using CBD as a product to put on your burns, as it soothes and reduces redness. CBD may also help cells to repair and regenerate, something that your cells need to do in order to recover from burns.

Finally, CBD cosmetics have the benefit of being antioxidants. CBD has antioxidant properties, which means it prevents pollution from infiltrating the skin layer and protects the skin from free radicals. Free-radicals cause aging as they cause our cells to break down, so compounds with antioxidant properties are beneficial for slowing down the process of aging skin.

 What Can CBD Cosmetics be Used for?

 Due to the wide array of benefits, CBD has many effective uses in cosmetic products. It is possible, moreover, to purchase CBD cosmetics that are targeted to the specific symptom or condition you are looking to treat. Here is a rundown of some of the possible uses of CBD cosmetics:

  • Anti-aging creams: CBD can be an added benefit in anti-aging products, or great to incorporate as part of a skincare routine for those worried about the effects of aging on their skin. Over time, it can help the skin to produce antioxidant barriers to free radicals.
  • Acne products: As stated above, due to its ability to help sebum cells regulate their oil production, many have found CBD an effective treatment for acne and breakouts. There is anecdotal evidence to suggest that it may help clear skin and help adjust the cells to lesser oil production.
  • Topical pain relief: For those with pain in their joints or muscles, a CBD balm would be a great way to address the pain directly. Not only can a soothing balm feel great on the skin, and make it easier to massage the affected area, when the balm contains CBD this can infiltrate the tissue and reduce the internal pain and inflammation.
  • Burn Creams: For those looking for after-sun, or creams to apply to a burn after an accident in the kitchen, CBD is a great option. It helps with cell repair and soothes the area through its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Skin inflammation: Just as with burns, CBD can be great to apply to an inflamed area of skin, somewhere that is red, or soothe an itch.


How to Use CBD Cosmetics and Topicals

The recommended use for CBD cosmetics depends greatly on the product purchased. Topical CBD and cosmetics come in many forms, from balms and oils, to bath salts and soaks.

 When using a product like a CBD cream, it’s great to liberally apply it to the area you are looking to target. If you are using it for discomfort from pain, using it on the entire area and massaging it in is recommended.

 There is no limit to how much CBD is recommended to be applied topically, as the majority of topical CBD cosmetics do not enter the bloodstream, they only act upon the area they are applied to (on the skin and inside the tissue).


What to Look Out for When Buying CBD Cosmetics

Despite the obvious benefits of CBD cosmetics, there are still a few things to look out for, to make sure you are buying the best product available. As the hype around CBD has grown, the number of companies using sub-quality CBD or not including enough to have a therapeutic benefit has too. There are some key things to look out for when purchasing CBD cosmetics.

  • Spectrum: CBD cosmetics can be made using full-spectrum, broad-spectrum or CBD isolate. The differences between these spectrum types can be read about here. It is worth investigating which type you would like, and the entourage effect, before purchasing.
  • Look for products that mention cannabidiol, hemp extract, or list the CBD spectrum on the label. Just seeing ‘CBD’ as an ingredient will not give you enough information. Moreover, if it’s at the bottom of the ingredient list, you may not be receiving very much of it in that product.
  • Look for products that tell you how many mgs of CBD there are in each bottle or application. This way, you can tell if you are going to be receiving a therapeutic amount from that product.
  • Look for products that have been tested by a third-party laboratory, so you can be sure it’s safe.


 So… are CBD Cosmetics Worth the Hype?

 It’s quite clear that there are lots of benefits in CBD, and it’s great to see mainstream brands embracing the benefits of the ingredient. CBD can definitely be effective in cosmetic products, and studies show that it has great potential to reduce inflammation when applied directly to the skin.

 It is worth being careful when shopping, to make sure you are receiving a good amount of CBD in your cosmetic product. If you’re looking to start somewhere, why not buy CBD moisturiser from Cannacares. It's an imperious cream, made with CBD, vitamin E and Cocoa butter, to begin your CBD cosmetics journey with.

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