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Where to Wear a CBD Patch

Posted by Lewis Olden on
Where to Wear a CBD Patch

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CBD patches are becoming increasingly popular among sophisticated CBD consumers. There are several key factors that affect the efficacy of a CBD patch, with one key element being where the patch is placed on your body.

CBD patches utilise transdermal delivery and the CBD is delivered through the skin and absorbed into the bloodstream. This means it is imperative that you place your CBD patch in a venous part of your body. The most effective areas to place a CBD patch are typically the outside of your upper arm, inside of your wrist or on your ankle. These areas are good places to place the patch as they are venous areas, and the CBD is effectively absorbed. Many assume that placing the patch on the affected area will lead to optimal results, but the CBD being absorbed into the bloodstream is the most critical aspect of using a CBD patch.

Why Use a CBD Patch?

Many popular methods of consuming CBD such as tincture oils and CBD capsules, require you to ingest CBD. When you ingest CBD, your body breaks down a substantial proportion of the CBD and less of the CBD manages to make it into your bloodstream. Many people also dislike the taste of CBD oil, so are put off using CBD oil several times throughout the day.

CBD patches are excellent value for money, this is achievable as less cannabinoids need to be administered per dose due to the effectiveness of transdermal delivery.

Cannacares CBD patches have been especially formulated to minimise irritation to your skin and ensure that wearing a CBD patch is a seamless experience.

The enhanced bioavailability of CBD patches enabled by bypassing the digestive system, means that a higher percentage of the cannabinoid can be absorbed into the bloodstream.

How To Apply A CBD Patch?

The most effective places on your body to apply a CBD patch are the outside of your upper arm, inside of your wrist or on your ankle. 

You simply peel the CBD patch from the backing liner and then apply the patch to your skin. 

How Do CBD Patches Work?

CBD patches are activated by your body heat, and this causes the patch to release CBD through your skin and into the bloodstream. When a CBD patch is applied, a drug concentration gradient is set up. This is because the patch contains a significant amount of CBD while your skin does not. When CBD is in high concentration, it naturally spreads out to the surrounding area.

CBD patches offer a more consistent solution than other topical methods of using CBD, like CBD creams, CBD balms or massage oils. The skin absorbs the topical creams and then the effect tapers off at a rapid rate, meaning the effect is not long lasting. This means that CBD topical creams have to be administered multiple times throughout the day, whereas only one CBD patch needs to be applied. Patches stay attached to the skin and deliver the CBD over a longer period of time and provide a steady relief from symptoms.

Transdermal delivery of active ingredients is relatively slow compared to other methods of consuming cannabinoids such as vaping or tincture oils. CBD patches often contain a permeation enhancer that increases the permeability of the skin to enable more of the CBD contained within the patch to get through into the bloodstream.

How Often Should You Change Your CBD Patch?

Cannacares CBD patches are designed to release CBD for a 24-hour period. Therefore, we advise that you change your patch every day. CBD has a cumulative effect, meaning that it takes time to build up in your body. The maximum benefit from using CBD can be experienced when using CBD over an extended period, although many people find relief within days of using CBD patches. 

We also recommend varying the spot where you place your CBD patch. If you wear your patch in the exact same place on your body for too long, your skin can begin to react as it isn’t able to breathe properly. Alternating which arm you place your patch on each day or week can prevent this and ensure that your skin is in no way negatively impacted by using CBD patches every day.

Are THC Patches Available in the Medical Cannabis Market?

In the UK, there are currently no medical cannabis patches available on prescription. This is likely to change in the near future as patches become a more credible method of administering cannabinoids. 

Medical professionals in the UK find it difficult to justify prescribing cannabis flower or even cannabis oils. This is due to the unfamiliarity of them and the lack of a standardised dose. Patches present a solution to this problem, as a standardised slow-release dose can be provided to the patient.

Patches can also be immediately removed in the event of an adverse effect. This minimises the chance of a patient having a severe negative reaction to a medical cannabis product, as if they feel in anyway uncomfortable the patch can be removed to mitigate the impact of the patch. 


CBD patches are an alternative delivery method of delivering CBD and other cannabinoids that enables the user to get a standardised dose and long-term relief of their symptoms. CBD patches are typically used for chronic and localised pain, but it is always best to consult your doctor if you have any concerns or questions about using a CBD patch.

We hope you enjoyed this article! Please use code BLOG15 at checkout to claim 15% off your order. If you would like to speak with a member of staff please do drop us a message via our live chat which can be round on the left hand side of your screen. 

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