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The Benefits of Using a CBD Oral Spray

Posted by Lewis Olden on
The Benefits of Using a CBD Oral Spray

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There is currently an array of CBD delivery methods on the market. The most commonly used is CBD Oil consumed using a tincture. With the CBD industry growing rapidly there are all kinds of new products being introduced to the market. Ranging from CBD e liquids, topical CBD skin care products, transdermal CBD patches, CBD Mints and these ever-growing categories of CBD products makes it difficult for consumers to select a product that best suits them. 

One issue that many users of CBD have, is the taste of CBD Oils. Tincture Oils in particular can have a fairly unpleasant taste and this can put users of CBD off before they get to feel the full benefits of CBD. Using Oral CBD Sprays is one option to combat this and using a CBD Spray can be a lot more pleasant than using tincture oils. The bioavailability of CBD Sprays can also be far greater if they have been properly developed. Our CBD Spray is evenly distributed and by spraying the CBD Oral Spray under the tongue means it can reach your circulatory system faster than it being swallowed and being digested via the liver or applied on the skin.  

The spray function of the CBD Oral Spray makes measuring your CBD dosage, so you know precisely how much CBD you have taken. It can be hard to measure your dosage with topical products. Our CBD Spray provides consistent amounts of CBD per spray meaning you can accurately track your CBD intake.  

The Cannacares CBD Spray uses a clinically tested pump to administer each dose. Using such a sophisticated delivery device that has been tested in a clinical environment means that the user will receive a standardised dose of 10mg of CBD per spray. The CBD Spray uses a vegetable oil carrier and the product is suitable for vegans. The oil carrier that the CBD Spray uses results in the de-misting effect the spray has and means that there is a much higher bioavailability. This all equates to a faster onset and improved efficacy of the CBD.

The CBD Oral Mint Spray is best used by spraying the product underneath your tongue. 2 Sprays 3 times per day is the recommended dose. The CBD Spray de-mists underneath your tongue and has a great mint taste.

This specifically refers to our own CBD Oral Spray, but we've ensured there's 0% THC in our sprays. That means it's legal, safe to use, and won't ever get you high. That way you can just focus on the CBD. 

As well as being easy to apply, the spray nozzle also makes CBD easy to dose. Whilst topicals, e-liquids, and even pipette-applied drops can be hard to gauge the volume of, the consistency of the ml delivered by our spray action.

Our CBD Oral Spray still increases the CBD’s absorption rate over other tinctures. The rate of absorption is judged in terms of bioavailability: essentially the amount of an ingested compound that makes it into your circulatory system. The higher the bioavailability, the more your body processes. 

Since our oral spray serves to disperse the CBD oil, it also allows for a greater surface area of absorption beneath the tongue (sublingually), therefore increasing the CBD’s bioavailability. This is compounded by the number of blood vessels found under the tongue, which allow for quicker access to the circulatory system. The CBD Oral Spray allows for fast absorption as it is applied sublingually or underneath the tongue. Spraying the CBD Oral Spray under the tongue means it can reach your circulatory system faster than it being swallowed or applied on to the skin. This process can also be described as bioavailability or the amount of a compound that makes it to your circulatory system. The CBD Spray allows for a greater surface area absorption which increases its bioavailability. 

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