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CBD for Autism: Treatment, Benefits & Usage

Posted by Lewis Olden on
CBD for Autism: Treatment, Benefits & Usage

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There are many people who question the benefits of using CBD to manage autism. There are initial scientific studies investigating the relationship between CBD and autism. However, scientific studies are still in a preliminary stage so most evidence is anecdotal. Recent reports suggest that CBD can assist children with reoccurring seizures.

What is the difference between CBD & Medical Cannabis?

CBD is shorthand for cannabidiol which is one of over one hundred cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis and hemp plant. When CBD oil is manufactured it is often mixed with a carrier oil, which is most commonly MCT oil or hemp seed oil. CBD is legal in the UK so long as the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is less than 0.2%. THC is the psychoactive compound within cannabis which causes the user to get high.

Medical cannabis is similar to CBD, but it is often a full spectrum product and THC is often the active compound with medical cannabis, as much more research has been conducted into the therapeutic effect of THC than CBD. 

Can CBD Help to Manage Autism?

CBD oil is often derived from hemp and only contains trace amounts of THC. This means that if you give your child CBD to help manage their autism, it will not get them high or cause any psychoactive effects.

Many children that suffer from epilepsy find relief when using CBD and their symptoms are managed in a similar manner as if they were using traditional anti-anxiety and anticonvulsant medications with the added benefit of less side-effects. Scientists and researchers are working to identify how CBD can assist in treating anxiety in autistic people. However, most evidence to date is anecdotal, so before CBD is widely adopted for the management of treating epilepsy more clinical evidence is needed.

A small study was undertaken to investigate the relationship between CBD and autism.

What are the risks of using CBD for autism?

Initial studies suggest that CBD is safe to be administered to children, with Epidiolex being prescribed on the NHS for epileptic children. However, there are some side effects of CBD that you should be aware of, these include: 

○ Vomiting
○ Nausea
○ Drowsiness
○ Low blood pressure
○ Dry mouth
○ Diarrhoea

    However, in most instances the benefits of using CBD greatly outweigh the prospective side effects.

    Can CBD assist with aggression caused by autism?

    There is positive anecdotal evidence that CBD can ease aggressive tendencies of children who have autism. While many people are still intrigued about what causes aggression in autistic children, solutions to deal with this daily problem are limited to parents.

    Using CBD to manage anger and aggression is an option for families that have tried traditional medications to no avail. There is still a tremendous amount of research that needs to be conducted to investigate the relationship between autism and CBD.


    When contemplating giving an autistic child CBD, it is important to consult your paediatrician before doing so. It is also imperative that you purchase a high quality CBD oil that you know to be compliant and of a high quality to maximise the benefit of the oil.

    There is still a great deal of research to be carried out to understand the definitive relationship between CBD and autism. A huge amount of work and research still needs to be done, but the initial findings are positive and the anecdotal evidence grows by the day.

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