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Cannacares Launches New Themed Range of CBD Oils & CBD Sprays

Posted by Chelsea Featonby on
Cannacares Launches New Themed Range of CBD Oils & CBD Sprays

Cannacares has formulated a range of themed CBD oils and CBD sprays to bring to the UK market. Formulated with various essential oils to help accentuate the product’s effect. The new range consists of 10% CBD oils and 7% CBD sprays.

The range consists of five themed products. The variations of the themes are NIGHT, WAKE, CALM, IMMUNITY and NATURAL. Each of the themes are formulated with an essential oil or vitamin to maximise the effect of the products.

The CBD oil contains 3000mg of CBD within a 30ml bottle and the CBD spray contains 700mg of CBD within a 10ml spray bottle.

NIGHT – This theme is formulated with Lavender Oil and has a natural spearmint flavour. 

Lavender is a perennial and evergreen plant and there are over 40 different variations of Lavender. The most commonly used kind of Lavender is Lavendula Angustfolia. This variation of Lavender is native to North Africa and the Mediterranean area. Lavender does grow in certain parts of the UK and certain areas of the United States.

Wherever Lavender tends to grow, it grows in great abundance. It spreads rapidly and Lavender’s flowers, leaves and essential oils are all used as holistic medicines. Lavender is often taken as an oral supplement to treat anxiety, insomnia and even depression.

Lavender works as an anxiolytic (a reliever of anxiety), increases relaxation and can help bring about a natural sleep. Lavender interacts with a neurotransmitter GABA which helps to calm the brain and the nervous system activity. This can reduce agitation and restlessness. 

Lavender oil is a popular aromatherapy choice for those seeking a sleep aid. Several studies have illustrated using Lavender oil for aromatherapy can improve the quality of your sleep.

A study into using orally administered Lavender proved that it improved sleep quality and lowered anxiety about as effectively as a lower dose of the sedative lorazepam.

The impact of Lavender combined with the effect of a high quality 10% CBD oil allows you to get a good night’s rest. 

WAKE – This variation of the CBD oil and CBD spray is formulated Coenzyme Q10 and has a tangerine flavour.

Coenzyme Q10 is a compound created by the human body and stored in the mitochondria of your cells. The mitochondria in the body are responsible for producing energy. They also protect the cells from oxidative damage and any disease-ridden bacteria or viruses.

As you get older Coenzyme Q10 production decreases as you age and many older people seem to be deficient in Coenzyme Q10 and this compound in their mitochondria.

Research shows that Coenzyme Q10 can play some crucial roles within the body. One of Coenzyme Q10’s primary functions are to generate energy in your cells. It is involved with making adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is involved with the energy transfer within cells.

Coenzyme Q10 is a fat soluble, vitamin like compound that has many benefits. It is involved with the production of cellular energy and operates as an antioxidant. These properties make it a helpful aid in the preservation of cells and in the treatment of some chronic diseases. 

CALM – This formulation contains Chamomile Oil and has a spearmint natural flavour.

Chamomile is an essential oil which has been researched for many years and has a lot of positive evidence behind it. Chamomile oil is derived from the chamomile plant and the oil is made from the flowers of the plant.

Chamomile has been used by humans for hundreds if not thousands of years stretching back to the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. Throughout the ages it has been used to treat ailments such as upset stomachs, indigestion, nausea, wound healing, anxiety relief, eczema, anti-inflammation and the promotion of sleep.

A study conducted in 2017 investigated the short-term treatment of anxiety using a chamomile extract. The researchers discovered that after 8 weeks, 58% of the participants reported a reduction of their anxiety symptoms. Low morning levels of the hormone cortisol have been found to be a causation of anxiety disorders. A study carried out in 2018 found that chamomile therapy reduced anxiety symptoms and increased those involved the study’s morning cortisol levels.

Chamomile has been connected to promoting a good night’s sleep and there is evidence to support this claim. A study carried out with 60 elderly participants found that there was a significant increase in the quality of sleep of those who consumed the chamomile extracts compared with the group of people given the placebo.

IMMUNITY - This theme is formulated with Vitamin D and provides your RDA of Vitamin D. It has a tangerine natural flavour.

Vitamin D is often referred to as the sunshine vitamin due to the fact it is produced in your skin in response to sunlight. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin and the family of compounds it is in also includes Vitamin D-2 and Vitamin D-3.

The human body produces Vitamin D naturally when directly exposed to sunlight. There are specific foods which also provide your body with Vitamin D.

Vitamin D has some vital functions and possibly the most vital is the regulation of the absorption of calcium and phosphorus and it facilitates the efficient functioning of the immune system. Receiving a sufficient amount of Vitamin D is imperative for growth and the development of bones and teeth and it also improves your body’s resistance to certain diseases.

If you do not get enough Vitamin D it increases the risk of developing certain bone abnormalities such as osteomalcia and osteoporosis.

There have been studies conducted that suggest that Vitamin D can play an important role in regulating your mood and can help to prevent depression. In a study, researchers discovered that people with depression who received Vitamin D supplements noticed an improvement in their symptoms.

In another study of people with fibromyalgia, researchers found that a Vitamin D deficiency was more common in those who were also suffering from anxiety or depression.

There are some factors that can inhibit the amount of Vitamin D you receive such as living in an area of high pollution, using sunscreen, spending too much time indoors and living in big cities where sunlight is often blocked.

Some symptoms of a Vitamin D deficiency in adults include tiredness, aches, severe muscle or bone pain and stress fractures. A Vitamin D deficiency can be diagnosed by performing a simple blood test and there are many treatments that can be offered to rectify this. Using the Cannacares Immunity CBD oil and CBD spray is a great way to mitigate this risk.  

NATURAL - The NATURAL theme is just pure CBD. CBD can help with an array of ailments and can help you cope with the daily tribulations of life.

The new themed range should allow customers to select a CBD oil or CBD spray that best suits their needs and have the most positive effect on them trying to ease their symptoms.

Cannacares has also created a Sample Box that will contain a 5ml tincture oil of each of the four themes. This is to allow our customers to assess which product works best for them. 

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