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Can Vaping CBD Help You Quit smoking?

Posted by Lewis Olden on
Can Vaping CBD Help You Quit smoking?

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Over the past few years vapes have established themselves as a viable alternative to smoking cigarettes. Smokers around the globe have found that vaping can be a first key step in giving up cigarettes and quit smoking. There are studies that indicate that a high percentage of vape users are actually non-smokers. This would suggest that many people need to give up nicotine as opposed to quitting smoking all together.

E-cigarettes that contain nicotine are believed to have assisted thousands of smokers around the UK to quit smoking. There is a growing trend that non-smokers, especially young people are becoming attracted and ultimately addicted to these vape products. This could result in numerous young people becoming addicted to nicotine, even though using these vapes is a lot better than smoking cigarettes because there is no smoke or tar, nicotine is still highly addictive and can cause long term issues.

For many smokers, using vapes is the first step in giving up cigarettes rather than just going cold turkey. CBD, which is shorthand for the cannabis derivative cannabidiol has been proven to have some promising anti-addiction properties. This may mean that CBD vape oil is the best option for trying to quit smoking and give up nicotine for good.

Does Vaping instead of Smoking Work?

The number of smokers globally has been declining over previous decades as people have become more conscious about their health and the evidence that cigarettes have extremely bad long term health impacts. The now irrefutable proof that cigarettes can be the driver in causing horrific diseases such as lung cancer and coronary heart disease, means that young people have been taught the dangers of smoking so seek to avoid it all together. Despite these decreases, smoking is still the most prevalent cause of preventable death in the world.

It is thought that approximately 6 million people die every year as a result of their smoking habit which initiated the illness they ultimately die from. Only 4-7% of smokers are able to quit smoking without using patches, vapes or sprays. Recent studies have found that vapes and e-cigarettes are now the most popular product for smokers trying to quit. For further information, you can also refer to our blog on smoking CBD oil.

Addiction and CBD

There are an increasing number of studies that have discovered CBD can be an effective aid for giving up nicotine and smoking cigarettes. CBD’s ability to compromise drug-seeking behaviours could be a result of the interactions with the neural systems that are that are responsible for these addictive behaviours. The endocannabinoid system has been found to have an influence over the acquisition and maintenance of drug seeking actions and behaviours, which in turn initiate the body’s reward mechanisms.

There have been studies over that last few decades that have illustrated that drugs such as nicotine, can increase the extracellular levels of dopamine in the body. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for feelings of joy and pleasure. Nicotine has been known to increase dopamine levels, but it has also been discovered that the endocannabinoids anandamide (AEA) and 2-AG produce higher levels of dopamine. This mechanism enables CBD to reduce the addiction to nicotine and this may also be replicated for other drugs.

Anandamide is an endocannabinoid that can influence mood. CBD is known to have the capacity to increase the level of anandamide using an inhibition of the enzyme that breaks it down. This in theory would result in an increase of anandamide which enabled by CBD exposure could lead to a rise in dopamine levels, without having to consume nicotine.

Why is Vaping a Good Choice?

If CBD itself has the capacity to reduce the cravings for cigarettes and nicotine. Why are CBD vapes a popular option? Research dictates that tackling addiction could be about breaking a habit as much as it is about the substance’s effect on your body. An example is the ritual of inhaling a cigarette, as the reward is derived from smoking the cigarette. This could be why CBD vape products have become more popular aids for those who are trying to quit smoking, as the ritual is still being carried out, but the addictive substance is no longer being consumed. Patches are also a popular option and using CBD patches to try to quit smoking could be another viable option.

The best CBD Vape on the market is certainly the Kanabo VapePod. Designed to the highest medical standards it means that users experience the ultimate CBD vaping experience.

Are CBD Vapes Legal?

CBD vapes are legal in the UK as long as there is no THC contained within the CBD vape. Cannacares VapePods use Broad Spectrum CBD to ensure that there is no trace of THC in the vape cartridges. 

Are CBD Vapes Addictive? 

CBD has been proven not to be addictive and can be a fantastic alternative for people who are seeking to quit smoking or eliminate their consumption of nicotine. CBD is known to have many benefits such as anti-inflammation, enhancement of sleep, anti-anxiety properties and many more.

CBD vapes are a great alternative to smoking and can be a fantastic device for those who are seeking relief from life’s trials and tribulations.

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