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Speaking with Anna on Arthritis, Pain Killers & CBD

Posted by Zara Simonian on
Speaking with Anna on Arthritis, Pain Killers & CBD

Had you ever tried CBD before discovering Cannacares?

Yes - I had tried the tincture from another manufacturer but I didn’t find it beneficial. A bottle was around €55 and to get a month's supply for me, I would have had to purchase three bottles. It was very expensive and it didn’t work. The products are very good value for money, especially when you have discounts. I tend to buy my products when I get a text or email alerting me to an offer which makes them very affordable. 

How has CBD helped your Arthritis?

The CBD patches primarily have been great and they help me mostly with pain and stiffness. The stiffness in particular can be quite severe. If I’ve been sitting down for an hour or so, it can be quite challenging to get up.

What do you like about the CBD Patches?

I’m using the patches as my main source of pain relief at the moment because I have problems with my liver as a result of all the medication I have to take. The patches are a great way for me to manage my pain as the transdermal delivery means it bypasses my liver so it means I can give it a break from pain killers. I definitely feel like there is a cumulative effect when I take the patches. I wore them every day for a couple of weeks and for the few days that I didn’t take them, the CBD wore off and I definitely felt different. I find that I need at least four patches as it takes three days to start feeling the benefits. Depending on the activity I’ve done in the day, if I’ve been very active or been on a long walk, I may have to take a paracetamol but the general rule is that I keep the patches going everyday. They help most with combating the pain I get from stiffness and improving my mobility.

What Products have you tried from the Cannacares Range and which do you consider to be your Favourite?

I started with the CBD sample kit as I’m hypersensitive, especially when it comes to cosmetic products. I began with the CBD oil but now my primary source of CBD comes from the patches. I have sensitive skin and suffer from eczema so there was an initial worry that I would not be able to tolerate the patches on the skin. However, they are absolutely fine and I’ve had no reactions. I ordered the CBD balm and the topical CBD cream and they work really well too. The balm has quite a strong smell as it's a natural product but the moisturising properties are excellent. I think I’m going to take a sample and mix it with essential oil myself. I tend to wear it at night to double up the CBD with the patches. I tend to get quite a lot of pain at night which can disturb my sleep so it’s good for that. 

Did you Benefit from the Information available on the Cannacares Website?

Yes - I requested the third party lab test results and shared these with my rheumatologist. She told me that I would need 10mg minimum to feel any therapeutic value and she was very happy for me to take the products and was actually quite impressed with the results. Companies say that their products are natural but you never know and it was reassuring to have the information to hand. When I first tried CBD I worried about the THC, especially if I was taking it in the day and was stopped by the police or something. 

Will you be paying a visit to one of our Pop-up Stores in Hampstead, Guildford or Farnham?

I live in Ireland but I do come back to the UK. I think it’s great! I love the idea that I can go in and explore new products… and smell them.

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