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Tim on Rheumatoid Arthritis & CBD Patches

Posted by Zara Simonian on
Tim on Rheumatoid Arthritis & CBD Patches

Had you ever tried CBD before discovering Cannacares?

I had tried it before but I didn’t think it was very good for me. I tried an oral CBD spray and it just didn’t suit me. I think the dosage was maybe too low. 

How has CBD helped your arthritis?

I have had rheumatoid arthritis all over for 17 years. I normally have sterile injections in my knees, hips and shoulders but with the pandemic I haven’t had access to them. I also swim everyday and I haven’t been able to do that either. I was recommended the CBD patches and since then I’ve been amazed with how much they’ve helped me. 

What do you like about the CBD patches?

The transdermal CBD patches have helped massively. The first day there was no difference. However, after a day and ¾ I started to feel my joints moving better than normal. On day four, it was amazing. I find that they stay on all day. I’ve been using them for nine days now and I’m absolutely amazed! Without the CBD patches I was going to have to rely on painkillers and they were not helping at all. I think the slow release of the patches is what has really helped. I don’t really like painkillers as I’ve had problems with them in the past so it’s been great to find an alternative.

What products have you tried from the Cannacares range and which do you consider to be your favourite?

I have the soft gel CBD capsules but I haven’t yet tried them because the CBD patches have been working so well. Now I’ve tried the CBD patches I’d be interested in trying some of the other products as I’m open to anything to get my mobility right.The patches are easy to get into a routine with. I just get out of the shower and put it on.

Did you benefit from the information available on the Cannacares website?

I knew about CBD as far as what I had read about it in the newspaper. I was cool about it and was open to trying it and seeing what it could do for me. It’s good to hear about all the information that you have online.

Will you be paying a visit to one of our pop-up stores in Hampstead, Guildford or Farnham?

It would be quite a trek for us but I would go to it. I think it’s always good to talk to somebody face to face. I would be really interested in that. Chelsea (our Head of Marketing) has been great with giving me useful information on the phone.

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