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Katherine on Managing Fibromyalgia with CBD

Posted by Zara Simonian on
Katherine on Managing Fibromyalgia with CBD

Had you ever tried CBD before discovering Cannacares?

I’d tried drops, CBD oil and a CBD cream before but they never worked for me. A family member of ours suffers from Lupus and he started using it when a lady brought him a few CBD products from the states. My granddaughter told me about Cannacares products so I went off her recommendation. 

How has CBD helped you?

I am in my seventies and I suffer from lots of pain. I have problems with my back and I had an operation seven years ago for that. I have arthritis and fibromyalgia and I have had a hip and knee replacement. My doctors won’t prescribe me sleeping pills so I usually use the CBD patches and the drops to get a good night sleep or to give me extra relief when I have bad pain days. I find I can go to sleep with the CBD patches on with pain and it settles into the night. I assume that has something to do with the slow release. I often wake up at 4AM with no pain and it makes it so much easier to face the world the next day. I can’t believe how much its helped me and it’s nice to know there is something I can use on those types of days now. When you live with pain you can get sad sometimes and I’ve found CBD to be a great stress relief too. 

What do you like about Cannacares products? 

I usually try taking the oil first as it can sometimes work on its own. I take the oil on almost a daily basis and put a couple of drops under my tongue. I find it really effective! If I need it, I’ll take the CBD patches too but I usually only wear these at night. The CBD patches are very easy to use and I take them in addition to painkillers as I also have a fentanyl prescription. They are great for when the pain is really bad as I usually have to take morphine when this happens. When I put the CBD patches on, I apply it with dressing to secure them on at night. I find that they last me more than 24 hours. When the pain is bad, I suffer from insomnia and since using the CBD patches I haven’t had that problem and I’ve had several great night sleeps. I haven’t yet tried the CBD without any painkillers but it’s something I’d like to try at some point. 

What products have you tried from the Cannacares range and which do you consider to be your favourite? 

I have only tried the drops and the patches but I would like to try more. I would say these make a difference for me and I like how they work together. It would be great if Cannacares could develop a range for pets too as I’ve heard great things about that. 

Did you benefit from the information available on the Cannacares website?

I was open to trying CBD as I had researched it and followed it online. As I suffer from Fibromyalgia, I am a subscriber to the FMAUK magazine and I saw your products advertised there. I was using Cannacares before you started working with them so I couldn’t believe that out of all the CBD brands out there I had chosen you too. 

Will you be paying a visit to one of our pop-up stores in Hampstead, Guildford or Farnham? 

I don’t live locally but if I did, then it would be great to have the option to pop in if I wanted to and speak to someone. I would like to think that I’d build a relationship with the brand ambassador there. 

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