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The Herxheimer Effect

Posted by Isaac Davidson on
The Herxheimer Effect

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There is a common saying - It will get worse before it gets better. In Medical terms this is known as the Herxheimer Effect. The ‘Jarisch-Herxheimer Effect’ is named after a pair of physicians, Adolf Jarisch and Karl Herxheimer. During the late 19th century, both men discovered that patients developed symptoms such as nausea, night sweats, and even vomiting in response to treatment.

This doesn’t mean that a patient has had an allergic reaction or anything of the sort. It is a fairly normal short-term medical reaction. Ultimately, the symptoms dissipate, and the medicine gets to work. Some CBD users have reported experiencing the Herxheimer Effect when taking CBD Oils or CBD capsules. With the initial symptoms fading to allow the CBD to take effect.

How Does the Herxheimer Effect Work?

An effective treatment can release toxic chemicals from the cell walls of dying bacteria. This is the body detoxifying, this can lead to symptoms such as muscle and joint pain, a sore throat, nausea and a headache. All of these symptoms are normal occurrences and it is an indication that viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites and other pathogens are being killed.

The immune system reacts to these toxins, but they are not eliminated efficiently enough. The toxins are then capable of causing some unpleasant symptoms and potentially worsen the original symptoms. During this timeframe, the body and immune system are working overtime to remove harmful toxins, and one way to try to mitigate the Herxheimer Effect is to drink lots of water.

CBD & The Herxheimer Effect 

Since CBD is an effective antioxidant, it isn’t a surprise that it could lead to the Herxheimer Effect. Although experiences vary, CBD oil users can report headaches within a day or two of their first use. 

The headache may be accompanied by dizziness. Some users say that they have experienced night sweats a feeling of nausea. If you take CBD oil and begin to experience the Herxheimer Effect, begin a detoxification protocol as soon as possible. Drink up to a gallon of water a day, take a detox bath before bed and eat foods known to work as antioxidants. Your goal is to speed up the process so that the Herxheimer Effect doesn’t linger.

Typically, you could feel these effects for 2-3 days, before they eventually subside. If you are struggling and you are fairly certain the effects are due to CBD and not another medical condition (please check with your doctor if you are concerned), then it may be worth it to endure a few days of discomfort for the bigger picture. 

If you have suffered from Chronic Pain for years and prescription medication hasn’t helped, you may want to give CBD a full test run to see if you can finally get some relief. If you persist with your treatment, the negative side effects should subside. After this happens, users often report increased energy and a clearer mind.

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