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Scientists Discover Two New Cannabinoids in the Cannabis Sativa Plant

Posted by Isaac Davidson on
Scientists Discover Two New Cannabinoids in the Cannabis Sativa Plant

Scientists Discover Two New Cannabinoids in the Cannabis Sativa Plant


Scientists have recently discovered two new Cannabinoids that are found in the Cannabis Sativa plant and the research has been published in Scientific Reports

The first recently discovered Cannabinoid is Tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THCP) which has a similar structure to THC but is reportedly up to 30 times more potent that THC. The scientists conducted a pharmacological test and found that THCP induced hypomotility, analgesia, catalepsy and decreased rectal temperature. These finding s insinuate that THCP has a similar effect on the human anatomy as THC. It has yet to be determined whether THCP has any psychoactive effects, but the study’s findings suggest that it is more active than THC at low doses administered to mice.

Cannabidiphorol (CBDP) is the second Cannabinoid to be discovered in recent weeks. CBDP has a similar structure to CBD. A phytocannabinoid with a linear alkyl side chain containing more than 5 Carbon atoms has never been found in the history of the scientific world. Uncovering CBDP could allow a greater understanding as to why different strains of Cannabis have varying effects on the body and could lead to the creation of new medicines and remedies to promote health and wellbeing.

“A number of clinical trials and a growing body of literature provide real evidence of the pharmacological potential of cannabis and cannabinoids on a wide range of disorders from sleep to anxiety, multiple sclerosis, autism, and neuropathic pain,” write the authors in Scientific Reports, adding that they expect THCP to be endowed with "an even higher binding affinity for CB1 receptor in the brain and a greater cannabimimetic activity than THC itself.”

Cannabis Sativa has been found to have positive effects on health issues like glaucoma, chronic pain, MS and epilepsy, it can also provide an invaluable source of nutrients. The plant is able to produce at least 150 organic molecules known as phytocannabinoids, most of which have never been isolated or characterized, with THC and CBD being the most studied. THC was the only one known to have psychoactive effects and cause the consumer to get high. THCP and CBDP levels were very low in the strains tested, but the researchers note that other breeds of cannabis may contain higher traces of the compounds. 

The researchers disclosed that THCP & CBDP should be included in the list of the main phytocannabinoids to be determined for a correct evaluation of the pharmacological effect of the Cannabis extracts administered to patients. The discovery of an extremely potent THC-like phytocannabinoid may provide a scientific explanation on several pharmacological effects not ascribable solely to THC.

The is a major milestone for the scientific community and Cannabis industry. Building a more comprehensive understanding of the variation of Cannabinoids found within the Cannabis plant and their respective effects on the human body is crucial to advance both Cannabis based medical products, such as cannabis oil tinctures, as well as Health & Wellness products. The increased understanding will lead to formulations that are meticulously designed to treat specific ailments and the logic behind the formulations will be supported by irreputable scientific research. This will ultimately lead to a greater respect and acceptance of Cannabis based medicine from the Medical community as the evidence illustrating precisely how the Cannabinoids act to treat symptoms is supported with an array of scientific and clinical studies. This data and evidence is crucial in advancing the Cannabis industry as a whole and providing patients with safe, effective treatment.

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