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CBD for ADHD: Does it Work? Research, Side Effects & Considerations

Posted by Lewis Olden on

ADHD stands for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and is one of the most prominent mental health disorders that affect children and young adults. That said, it is not just limited to young, as many adults are also affected by ADHD.

Can CBD Help Treat Parkinson’s Disease and its Symptoms?

Posted by Lewis Olden on

As CBD has increased in popularity globally, many people are looking to see if it may be able to help with their particular ailment or condition. One of the conditions that CBD may be useful in treating is Parkinson’s disease, although more research still needs to be done.

How CBD Balm can Help Psoriasis Symptoms

Posted by Alex Harber on

Millions of people around the world have to live with psoriasis as part of their daily lives. Psoriasis is an auto-immune disease, and it is chronic in its nature. Those who suffer with psoriasis often have an overactive immune system which causes skin cells to grow faster than they should. This results in the skin becoming red, scaly and extremely painful patches of skin begin to build up. The areas of skin that are impacted by psoriasis are itchy, disruptive and quite unseemly.

Alta Flora & Cannacares Announce Partnership to Offer Symptom Tracking for CBD Consumers

Posted by Lewis Olden on

Within the burgeoning UK cannabis industry there is a tremendous need to build both clinical and real-world evidence to support the efficacy of cannabinoid treatments. Existing cannabis-based medications offer little intellectual property protection due to the difficulty of patenting a specific indication of cannabis. The device used to administer the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is the only protection cannabis and pharmaceutical companies can have. Therefore, undertaking a clinical trial with a medication that cannot be patented and can be easily copied, does not make for an attractive proposition for companies in the cannabis space.

US Sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson Set to Miss Tokyo Olympics After Positive Cannabis Test

Posted by Lewis Olden on

The US sprinting sensation Sha’Carri Richardson has been growing in stature and was set to become a household name during this summer’s Tokyo Olympics. She recently qualified for the Olympics as the fastest woman in America. However, it now looks like she will be eligible for the games after testing positive for THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid within the cannabis plant.

Study Reveals That Fibromyalgia is Possibly the Result of Autoimmune Problems

Posted by Lewis Olden on

A study that was conducted by King’s College London in collaboration with the University of Liverpool and the Karolinska Institute shows that many of the symptoms of fibromyalgia are caused by antibodies that increase the activity of pain sensing nerves. 

Can Cannabis Alter Neurodevelopment?

Posted by Lewis Olden on

A study that was recently undertaken discovered that cannabis use among adolescents has a negative impact on neurodevelopment. 

The study, which was published in JAMA Psychiatry used 1598 magnetic resonance (MR) images from 799 young people participating in the study. The images revealed that cannabis use was associated with accelerated age-related cortical thinning from 14-19 years old in primarily prefrontal regions. 

What Impact Will Cannabis Have on the German Election?

Posted by Lewis Olden on

Of the six parties that are running for office in the upcoming German election, four of them are supporting a change in legislation that would end the prohibition if cannabis in Germany.

The legalisation of cannabis and other drugs could be the defining issue on who is victorious in the German election.

Is CBD Oil Halal or Haram?

Posted by Tabitha Steemson on

As the wellness industry grows, CBD has become more and more popular. As CBD becomes a trend in the UK, many Muslims have wondered if the substance is halal (permitted) or haram (forbidden). As there are controversies about the status of cannabis itself, and different substances that CBD can be mixed with when being sold, the answer is not completely straightforward.

CBD and Cosmetics: Is the Hype Valid?

Posted by Tabitha Steemson on

Recently, as CBD has become more common and mainstream across the country, there has been a noticeable rise in beauty companies incorporating the ingredient into their products. It’s soothing and anti-inflammatory properties lend themselves to creams and balms, after all. However, with some CBD cosmetics the quantity of CBD you’re getting can be unclear. Moreover, you might wonder if the CBD you put on your skin has the same effects as CBD ingested or inhaled. This article with go through all the questions you might have about CBD cosmetics, so you can be an expert in knowing what to look for. 

Can CBD Help with Menopause Symptoms?

Posted by Tabitha Steemson on

Despite the fact it’s a normal part of aging for all women, the period of intense hormonal fluctuation that occurs during menopause can cause a series of adverse effects. Although there are some hormonal replacement therapies, alongside natural remedies, many women are turning to CBD to improve their menopausal health. It seems that there may be ways to harness the natural benefits of cannabis through CBD, making menopause an easier experience. 

How CBD can Help Combat Endometriosis Pain

Posted by Tabitha Steemson on

Endometriosis effects 1 in 10 women around the world (up to a staggering 176 million worldwide). It can cause huge amounts of pain for those who suffer. Due to the negative side effects of many conventional pain medications, the number of women self-treating with cannabis is increasing. CBD could possibly provide some relief to those with endometriosis, for reasons which will be explored in this article.

E-commerce Giant Amazon Supports Reform in US Cannabis Law

Posted by Tabitha Steemson on

How Can CBD Capsules Help Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injuries?

Posted by Lewis Olden on

A concussion is a particular type of traumatic injury, typically caused by direct impact to the head i.e, getting punched or falling on the ground. The concussion itself is actually caused by the brain rattling around within the skull, damaging brain cells.

CBD & CBN – What is the Difference?

Posted by Lewis Olden on

Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD and cannabinol which is known as CBN are both compounds contained within the cannabis plant known as cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are chemicals that have the ability to interact with a series of receptors in the body that is now referred to as the endocannabinoid system.