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Why we Use MCT Oil in Cannacares Cannabis Oils

Posted by Isaac Davidson on
Why we Use MCT Oil in Cannacares Cannabis Oils

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You may have heard of MCT oil before, especially if you know your stuff about ketones. MCT oil, like Cannabis oil, is a popular product within the wellness industry. It’s an entirely different compound, however, to CBD, although both offer various health benefits to consumers.

At Cannacares, we use MCT oil as an ingredient within our CBD oil tincture products. Find out why we do this and learn more about each of these oils along with their respective health benefits below.

What is MCT oil?

MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides. MCT oil is a man-made food supplement, made up of MCT fats that come from coconut oil and palm oil. Here’s the science part - MCT fats are processed by the body in a different way to other types of fat. They go from the gut directly to the liver where they are used as a source of energy or transformed into ketones.

MCT Oil Benefits

Although MCT oil is still undergoing several different scientific studies and thorough evidence is yet to be obtained, initial research on its suggested metabolic effects is promising. MCT oil is believed to increase energy levels, boost performance when undertaking exercise, and contribute to weight loss.

Because the calories in MCT oil are used immediately, they are less likely to be stored as fat, giving hope to dieters everywhere. In particular, it’s a favoured health supplement for those doing the ketogenic (keto) diet.

Why we use MCT oil in Cannacares products

MCT oil is a carrier oil in Cannacares CBD products. It acts as a preservative – that is, it helps to preserve the potency and delivery of the CBD compound and makes it easier to absorb within the body.

MCT oil can hold a high concentration of CBD, allowing Cannacares products to contain 800mg of CBD per 10ml. MCT oil also has its own range of benefits as outlined above, and it’s much more palatable than other carriers like hemp oil!

High-quality Canncares CBD oils

Before taking any CBD product, it’s essential to check what other ingredients you’ll be consuming in the process. Not only do Cannacares CBD oils contain the purest, highest-quality CBD (this is guaranteed – our third-party lab test report is available upon request), but we also use a quality carrier oil as part of our formulation.

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