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The Amazing Anti-Ageing Benefits of CBD

Posted by Cannacares Info on
The Amazing Anti-Ageing Benefits of CBD

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Gradually growing older is something we all have to come to terms with. However, the concept of growing old gracefully is a tough proposition. Holding onto your youth for as long as possible is a desire of almost every human being. Maintaining taught skin and a natural glow is crucial for your self-esteem.

There are now so many products on the market that claim to offer an array of anti-ageing effects. With some products even claiming that they can reverse the effect ageing has on the skin. While many products are effective to some degree, they are often formulated with chemicals and unnatural preservatives. The impact anti-ageing products have on people is unique and there is no one size fits all.

This is due to the fact that many beauty products only operate at the skin level. There are certain products that reach the sub-dermal layer of the skin and it is these products that often have the best anti-ageing effects. These kinds of products may reverse the signs of ageing in the short-term, it is unlikely to have a dramatic effect as time passes.

For the ultimate long lasting anti-ageing benefits, it is imperative that you source a product that is all natural and will nourish your skin. A healthy body often leads to a better state of mind.

When searching for an anti-ageing product, it is likely that you will come across CBD or products that are infused with CBD. CBD is growing rapidly in popularity in both the beauty and Health & Wellness industries. It can often be misunderstood and wrongly associated with marijuana and the sensation of getting high. Once you take the time to study CBD and its prospective anti-ageing properties in greater detail, it becomes apparent that CBD is certainly something worth trying.

What is CBD?

CBD is the shorthand term for cannabidoil, which is one of over one hundred cannabinoids that is contained within the cannabis plant. Both hemp and marijuana contain CBD and it is a naturally occurring compound.

Contrary to what you may think, CBD does not have any psychoactive properties or effects. This means that consuming CBD will not get you high or cause you to hallucinate in any capacity. It is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that causes the infamous high so commonly associated with cannabis. Most CBD products that are available in the UK and on the UK market contain very little or no THC.

A recent study that was conducted in 2019 discovered that CBD can be classed as a negative allosteric modulator. In essence, this means that CBD actually reduces the potency of THC. Therefore, even if a CBD oil you elect to use contains traces of THC, the CBD within the product is likely to counteract the effect.

How Does CBD Work?

CBD works incredibly well within the body. CBD that derives from plants is a phytocannabinoid and is comparable to endocannabinoids that are naturally produced in the human body. The phytocannabinoids work in a similar manner to endocannabinoids.

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) carries out the vital task of balancing the human body which is scientifically referred to as homeostasis. In instances when the body is off balance because of an illness, stress or injury, the endocannabinoid system kicks into gear to put matters back in order.

The endocannabinoid system consists of receptors named CB1 & CB2. These receptors are located throughout the body and are particularly present in the peripheral and neural systems. Whenever the body is out of sync, the ECS produces some endocannabinoids which interact with the CB1 & CB2 receptors which cause a response. This response comes in the form of a hormone that is secreted by glands to counter the negative impact of pain, stress and illness.

The endocannabinoid system works tirelessly to maintain homeostasis and is responsible for regulating sleep, fertility, appetite, memory, pleasure, pain, immunity and mood. 

What are the Causes of Ageing?

There are both external and internal factors that have an impact on how you age. The number of external factors your body experiences the quicker you will physically age, whereas internal ageing begins in your 20s.

Internal Ageing  

There are important factors that determine the rate at which internal ageing occurs. The loss of elastin and collagen in the skin is one factor. As you age the oil producing glans produce a decreased amount of oil.

Collagen is a protein that maintains the skin’s taut and firm nature. As you age, the body produces less collagen, and this means your skin gets thinner and more delicate.

Elastin is a protein that is in your extracellular matrix and is what gives your skin elasticity. As you get older, your skin is less elastic and this what results in saggy skin.

External Factors of Ageing

There are several factors that can cause your skin to age at a faster rate. They include:

  • Smoking
  • Facial movements
  • Obesity
  • Gravity
  • UV Rays
  • Bad diet

CBD’s Anti-Ageing Benefits 

CBD actively reverses the signs of ageing by decreasing the loss of collagen from the body. CBD also aids the sebaceous glans that secrete oil, this is what enables your skin to glow. 

CBD has been found to act as an antioxidant. Antioxidants are commonly known to battle free radicals in your body that emphasises ageing and the degeneration of your cells. Free radicals cause the collagen tissues in your skin to break down quicker as they are constantly fighting free radicals. The antioxidant impact of CBD enables the body to slow the rate at which collagen is lost and enable the skin to retain its firmness.

Endocannabinoids play an integral role in maintaining homeostasis by sending messages to receptors in the body. This also signals glands to secrete hormones and this is responsible for making sure that the sebaceous gland properly secretes the appropriate oil. This means that applying CBD to your skin or ingesting CBD in the form of a capsule or oil helps to increase the sebaceous glands in the skin.

CBD is imperative in hindering the most vital biological functions of ageing and this means CBD can help you retain younger and smoother looking skin.

How to use CBD for Anti-Ageing?

CBD is now well established as having anti-ageing properties when you apply it to the skin or take it orally. For CBD to work at its best it is also important that you avoid the external factors of ageing as much as possible. For instance, smoking increases the number of free radicals in your body which increases the rate at which your skin ages.

Avoiding excessive exposure to UV rays is also important to slow the ageing process.

Drinking a lot of water every single day can also be of huge benefit. This is because water boosts the body’s production of collagen and elastin.

There is such an array of CBD products on the market, it can be hard to choose. These products include: 


If you are seeking to boost your skin’s tautness and firmness and return to a youthful glow to your face without having to resort to chemical treatments with their inevitable side effects. Then CBD could be an incredible option for you to try.

CBD’s antioxidant properties enable it to work in cohesion with the body’s endocannabinoid system to ensure that your bodily functions are balanced, and homeostasis is properly maintained. Studies have found that CBD is a compound that can help to reverse the signs of ageing.

Since the dawn of time, humans have used phytonutrients and plant proteins to boost their health and retaining your youth can be achieved by respecting your body and seeking out natural remedies.

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