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CBD Oil for Pets – What You Need to Know

Posted by Lewis Olden on
CBD Oil for Pets – What You Need to Know

Like most pet wellness trends, when it comes to CBD oil for your dog or pet, there is an overload of information that can be found online. You always want what is best for your dog, which leads many pet owners to ask the question, what do I need to know about CBD oil?

What is CBD Oil?

CBD is shorthand for the cannabinoid named cannabidiol which is a compound that is found within hemp and cannabis plants. CBD is the non-psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant and does not cause any psychoactive effects or the infamous high that is commonly associated with cannabis. It is THC that is the element of the cannabis plant that causes the psychoactive effects. This means you do not have to worry about CBD having any adverse effects on your dog. 

How Does CBD Affect Dogs?

There has yet to be elaborate formal studies on the effects of CBD on dogs. Scientists do know that cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid receptors that are located in the central nervous system. The endocannabinoid system helps to maintain balance in the body and ensures that the body stays in a healthy state. 

CBD has been found to assist with inflammation in humans and it is known to have a calming effect. The anti-inflammation properties of CBD could be extremely beneficial to older dogs who have problems with their joints. Breeds such as Labradors and Alsatians often have severe problems with their hips once they reach a certain age. CBD could enable older dogs to be more mobile and suffer less with stiffness in their joints. 

What Dog Health Issues Can CBD Oil Treat? 

While there is not any definitive scientific or clinical data on using CBD to treat dogs, there is a substantial amount of anecdotal evidence from dog owners that suggest CBD can be extremely beneficial to treat pain, particularly neuropathic pain and it may also help dogs who suffer from seizures.

CBD can also be used because of the anti-inflammatory properties that it possesses. CBD has also been discovered to have cardiac benefits, anti-nausea effects, stimulate appetite and have a positive effect on reducing anxiety. There are also a number of researchers that claim that CBD can have anti-cancer effects, however there is yet to be conclusive evidence that proves this.

Much more research needs to be carried out to assess the true benefits of CBD and the positive impact that it can have. Detailed clinical studies and eventually trials need to be conducted to prove the safety and efficacy in both humans and animals.

Potential Side Effects of CBD for Dogs

While there is not yet definitive scientific data on the side effects of CBD usage for dogs, there are potential side effects that are based on the side effects that CBD has on human beings. To reduce the potential of any side effects, ensuring you are giving your dog an appropriate dosage is key.

Dry Mouth – Research has shown that CBD can decrease the production of saliva. This would mean that dogs may get thirstier if they are given CBD.

Lowered Blood Pressure – Higher doses of CBD can cause a brief drop in blood pressure. Despite the reduction being low, there is the capacity for it to cause a feeling of light-headedness. 

Drowsiness – Dog owners and many humans use CBD to treat anxiety. The calming effect of the CBD can also cause drowsiness, this is especially prevalent when using higher doses.

What are the Risks of Using CBD Oil for Dogs?

The risks of using CBD oil for dogs have not yet been researched in enough detail to have a definitive conclusion. The has not even been a decision made on what dosage is deemed to be toxic to a dog. This means that it is always best to start your dog off on small doses of CBD. Any medication or even supplement can come with a potential risk. It is advisable that when you are giving your dog a new medication or supplement that you start off with small amounts and gradually increase the dosage. It is also important to double check anything you do with your dog’s vet first.

What is the Best CBD for Dogs?

When selecting a CBD oil for your dog, there are some factors that need to be considered. Firstly, it is advisable that you select a natural CBD product, this is to ensure that your dog will only be consuming a fully natural product and there are no additives that may have adverse side effects.

There are various CBD oils on the market, and it is important to select an oil that you would be comfortable using yourself. Cutting corners and buying a cheaper CBD Oil for your dog may not lead to as positive an impact that would be found if you chose a higher quality CBD oil.

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