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Amazon to Launch UK CBD Pilot Project

Posted by Lewis Olden on
Amazon to Launch UK CBD Pilot Project

Amazon are intending on launching a pilot program specifically in the UK CBD market. It has been reported that Amazon will enter the UK CBD market in Q1 of 2021. The world’s largest marketplace’s entry into the CBD space will inevitably shake up the CBD industry and brands may have to reassess their priorities pertaining to advertising once Amazon allows CBD products. 

Amazon intend on allowing a number of CBD brands to distribute their products through Amazon’s platforms. Selling CBD via Amazon will remain prohibited with the exception of the brands that have been selected to participate in the pilot program, which is by invitation only.

Amazon’s due diligence procedures are likely to be extremely rigorous meaning that only companies that have fully compliant products will be eligible to sell on Amazon, both in the pilot and when CBD is launched properly on Amazon. All CBD ingestible products, including CBD capsules, will have to be Novel Food compliant and brands will have to prove to Amazon that their supply chains are Novel Food compliant. All products that are listed on Amazon will have to be correctly labelled and ensure that the ingredients included on the labels correlate with reality. 

No medical claims can be made on any CBD products that will be sold on Amazon. 

CBD becoming available on Amazon will increase the credibility of the CBD industry in the UK and ensure that more people throughout the nation try CBD.

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