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6 Different Ways CBD can Boost your Productivity & Can it be Used in the Office?

Posted by Chelsea Featonby on
6 Different Ways CBD can Boost your Productivity & Can it be Used in the Office?

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The way in which people work has fundamentally changed over the last few months. Unthinkable a year ago, a vast percentage of the population are now working from their kitchens or bedrooms. Remote working has been a seamless transition in some instances, but it also comes with its own issues. Motivation can be lacking in certain cases and working within the confines of the home can mean that the line between work and home becomes blurred, with work becoming more demanding.

Coffee is a stalwart of many office workers lives and is a life saver for the hungover and insomniacs. However, drinking many cups of coffee throughout the day almost every day can have long term side effects and it can also prove expensive.

The positive effects that CBD has on the physical aspects of the body are becoming widely accepted and there is increasing evidence to strengthen the case for CBD being used to treat inflammation and pain. CBD is also said to have a positive impact on your mental wellbeing. Given the common perception of cannabis being that it gets you high, this may be hard for some to comprehend. However, it is THC which causes the psychoactive effect that gets you high. CBD is a totally different cannabinoid and compound, so its effect on the brain differs from that of THC. CBD is definitively non-psychoactive, and its mental benefits could help those working in stressful or depressing environments.

There are six keys reasons why CBD could be of great benefit in the workplace, whether that be in the office or at home.

CBD reduces motivational dysfunction a recent study found that CBDA, which is a compound found in cannabis and hemp suggested that CBD may reduce motivational dysfunction by activating the 5-HT1A receptor and elevations in eCB tone. With Zoom calls becoming increasingly more intolerable and monotonous with workdays consisting of never losing sight of your computer or Mac screen. Extra motivation throughout the workday is always needed to maximise outputs from employees and CBD could instigate an increase in productivity. 

CBD can help with cognitive performance – CBD has illustrated that it has neurological benefits and that it can improve neural pathways that amplify the process of thought. CBD oil can act as a nootropic benefit and in a similar manner to other cognitive supplements, CBD may improve memory, motivation and creativity in healthy people. If you feel mentally tired or sluggish and your brainpower feels like it is waning during quarantine and the resulting months, encompassing CBD into your daily routine may be a natural and safe solution to improving your cognitive performance.

CBD can help reduce stress – CBD can have a soothing effect on the mind. Cannabinoids that are produced in the body’s endocannabinoid system can assist in regulating many functions of the body and bind to specific brain receptors that secrete serotonin which is a chemical known to improve your mood and reduce stress levels. Whether it be the added stress of working at home with kids, annoying flatmates, noisy neighbours or the long hours that are required when working from home for a demanding company, CBD could be an aid to help you deal with the stress.

CBD Can improve sleep – there are many anecdotal stories about how much CBD can help you sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep and rest is crucial to perform well at work and ensure you do the best work you are capable of. A good night’s sleep can be a remedy for many things and CBD can contribute to a good sleep. Modern life is intwined with technology and it can be hard to escape your phone or laptop. If you work in a global company, it can seem that the emails are relentless. CBD can help you to release yourself from this vortex and relax.

CBD can help to reduce inflammation and pain – Chronic pain condition such as fibromyalgia and arthritis can make it almost impossible to work and concentrate. If CBD can help people reduce their pain it will allow them to work more efficiently and focus. If you are in constant pain, it is often all you can think about and it is difficult to focus on anything else. CBD can help people manage their pain which will lead to an improvement in their quality life and contribution to their work. Which ultimately leads to a greater chance of happiness.

CBD can help to combat nicotine addiction – CBD can help you to give up smoking if you are addicted to cigarettes or a Juul. Smoking obviously has dire long-term health consequences and is becoming increasingly expensive with every passing year. Addiction to anything is dangerous, but especially to cigarettes and nicotine that can lead to lung cancer and other lethal diseases.

Mental health is moving to the forefront of many people’s minds and it is imperative to remember to take care of your psychological needs throughout the pandemic and maintain a stable mind, so you are well prepared to deal with the aftermath of the Coronavirus.

CBD in the office

In time there will be companies that demand that their employees return to the office. CBD could begin to be integrated within companies that recognise the potential benefits that could be realised by their workforce using CBD within their working day. 

Stress is one of the many things that can begin to make a job unbearable and when you are stressed at work it has an impact on your personal and family life too. Happy employees ultimately produce a higher quality of work and anyway you can make it easier for people to deal with stress should be investigated. 

Tiredness and mental fatigue can cause someone’s productivity to decrease and if they are tired from a night out or are hungover, they may not be able to produce work up to the required standard. CBD could be a solution for these issues and enable employees to ensure they are working efficiently and getting of all of their work done.

If you are struggling at work or find yourself having lapses in concentration when working, CBD may be worth trying to see if you feel any improvement. 

CBD comes in a wide variety of forms which can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. This includes CBD capsules, which can be taken just like any other supplement and transdermal CBD patches which, once applied, steadily release CBD directly into your bloodstream over a 24 hour period. Many quickly come to see it as an imperative part of their daily life, due to the positive impact CBD can have.

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