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Harnessing the power of nature to improve your mental health

Posted by Tabitha Steemson on
Harnessing the power of nature to improve your mental health

Each year the mental health foundation hosts a mental health awareness week. As many of us will know first hand, mental health issues can affect anyone, and aren’t yet recognised or taken as seriously as they should be.

This year, mental health awareness week is themed ‘Nature’. At Cannacares, we are passionate about harnessing the power of plants and the natural world to improve our physical and mental health, so we were particularly excited when we saw the theme. We thought we’d outline some ways, along with taking your CBD, that you can use the amazing energy we gain from nature to inspire you, and positively impact your mental health. 

Take purposeful time with Nature:

Just being out and about, running errands or being on your daily commute, isn’t quite the same as taking dedicated time to spend in the great outdoors. We recommend taking time to spend in nature around once a week. This could be as much as a long walk around a national trust site near by, or as little as ten minutes with a coffee on your terrace in the morning. When taking time with nature the emphasis shouldn’t be on how active you are being, instead it should be listening to the sounds around you and taking in the sights and greenery. 

Find ways to bring nature into your home:

For many of us, especially those that live in cities, it’s not always easy to spend time with nature. There is no need to take a long adventure out into the countryside, jwever. Doing something as simple as buying a plant can help you reconnect with the energy that you can gain through nature. Nursing and caring for a plant is also a great way to find purpose if you are struggling with  your mental health. Putting up bird feeders is another great way to bring nature to you. Watching the birds come and feed is incredibly therapeutic for many, and can bring a lot of joy. 

Find inspiration in the outside world

However you work, or whatever you do, there are ways to bring the beauty you’ve observed in nature into your life. For many, spending time with a notebook or an easel is the easiest way to fully appreciate nature  - translating the beauty that you see into words or pictures. For others who are not as creative, even taking pictures or listening to music in nature can help build and express an emotional connection. 


Any relationship with nature is a two-way street. We can gain so much peace and wellbeing from nature, and should return that where we can. Small acts, such as walking to nearby places instead of driving, or making sure to recycle, not only help us protect nature, but also bring us joy in responsibility. When we take care of our surroundings, in big or small ways, we feel increased positivity. Feeling as though you are helping improve the world around you is inspiring, and can lead to a feeling of connectedness with the planet. This force can be grounding, especially when you are in need of some mental health support.

There are so many ways to bring nature into your life, and use the power it has to ground you. The positive impacts it can have on your mental health know no bounds,. We hope this has inspired you to get out in nature, or bring nature to you! 

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