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VapePod Device & Relief CBD Cartridge (360mg)

Cannacares Vapes VapePod Device & Relief CBD Cartridge (360mg)
Cannacares Vapes VapePod Device & Relief CBD Cartridge (360mg)
Cannacares Vapes VapePod Device & Relief CBD Cartridge (360mg)
Cannacares Vapes VapePod Device & Relief CBD Cartridge (360mg)

VapePod Device & Relief CBD Cartridge (360mg)


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The Cannacares Relief CBD vape Cartridge is formulated with specific terpenes to enhance the effectiveness of using the cartridge to get relief throughout the day. Formulated with world class CBD the Relief cartridge provides relief in a manner other CBD products cannot match. Many people have inadequate experiences when using CBD oil, but vaping can offer a more potent solution that enables you to experience the true power of CBD and full-spectrum hemp extracts. 


With the highest quality vape oil in combination with the state of the art VapePod device, the active phytochemicals in CBD are efficiently and quickly delivered to the body's endocannabinoid system. Other delivery methods of CBD consumption can lead to the effect of CBD being limited because the active components do not take full effect because of the digestive system. 


CBD formulated with terpenes enable users to enhance their experience compared to when just using CBD isolate products. 


Hemp contains hundreds of different cannabinoids and terpenes, many of these terpenes offer unique effects on the body's endocannabinoid system. Cannacares has worked closely with Kanabo Research to ensure that the Cannacares Relief CBD vape cartridge delivers a unique terpene CBD vape oil that provides tangible benefits when using it at night.  


The Relief CBD vape cartridge formulation is designed with the user's experience in mind. For the ultimate CBD experience, take a few draws prior to going to bed and experience all that the greatest CBD has to offer. 


There is a common misconception that CBD & terpenes are terms that can be used interchangeably. CBD & terpenes are extremely different compounds that have a variety of different effects. 


When used in the presence of each other, terpenes can enhance the effect the functionality and efficacy of CBD and help to provide a more complete experience. 

There are not many CBD vapes available in the UK that offer a combination of CBD & terpenes within a CBD vape oil. There are very few people in the world with the expertise to successfully formulate a CBD & terpene vape formulation, however Cannacares has worked with Kanabo Research to ensure that we provide our customers with a truly outstanding product. 


Ingredients; CBD, CBG, Beta-Caryophyllene, Terpinolene, Limonene, other terpenes.


The VapePod device, or CBD vape pen as it is also known, is one of the few truly outstanding CBD vaping devices available in the UK. Reuse-able and designed to last for life, the VapePod is the perfect device to get the best possible CBD experience. The VapePod's elite technology allows users to get the ultimate CBD experience.


The VapePod is designed to be discreet; it is intended to produce little to no smell when used, and can easily be carried in a pocket. The device design also includes wireless charging, haptic and visual indicators, and a mouthpiece with large channels for easy inhalation. The device is designed to be responsive to the type of cartridge inserted into the device, and are intended to adjust temperature according to the type of formula in the pod.


The VapePod vaporiser is produced in a certified GMP medical facility in full compliance with ISO13485, setting a new medical standard, engendering trust and ensuring peace of mind for our global clientele. The VapePod is the first-ever medically certified vaporiser for the delivery of cannabis-based formulas.


CBD has gained legitimacy and recognition as a powerful source of relief for a number of ailments, but smoking as a delivery mechanism does not present a viable solution. Equally, ingestion has been found to significantly reduce therapeutic efficacy and bioavailability.


In contrast, inhalation through vaporisation dramatically improves the degree and rate of absorption of all the beneficial medical compounds in cannabis. Providing high bioavailability and exhibiting rapid onset, VapePod is a delivery device that optimises the therapeutic efficiency, delivering cannabis-based treatments formulations safely and effectively. 


Unparalleled Performance

Unlike standard wick and atomiser designs, which can result in a subpar device that functions inefficiently with reduced flow and inconsistent heating, VapePod utilises next generation CCELL technology to guarantee a consistent temperature and steady flow.


Powerful Battery

VapePod is powered by a universally rechargeable, breath activated battery, with haptic feedback replacing traditional LED alerts for discreet operation.


Tamper-Proof Cartridge

The sealed, tamper-proof, disposable cartridges have an embedded wick and ceramic CCELL technology atomiser, while a permanently secured mouthpiece prevents misuse.


Porous Core

The porosity of the CCELL core ensures continuous saturation, an increased cross sectional area reduces overheating, while radial heat reduces fluid viscosity and improves flow.


○ The VapePod Power Supply

○ Haptic feedback replaces LED notifications for discreet operation 320 mAh

○ Li-ion battery and state-of-the-art components

○ Unique nonagon CNC’d aluminium alloy body

○ Breath activated - battery will not activate when not in use

○ Universally rechargeable with Micro USB


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