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Be part of our panel

How does it work?

The Cannacares community are who we work hard for, who we aim to help and who we build are patches for products for. Without you we have nothing. We are about to launch a continued range of patch formulations manufactured in our own facility and before we launch any product for sale, we want to make sure that our customers are delighted with the effect of the products.  


Real people

Our Cannacares Panel consists of real people & real customers. We are very passionate about being the best and this can only be achieved by truly taking on board all feedback regarding our products. 

How we intend on doing this is through a dedicated Panel of selected customers who can help us test and improve our product formulations during pre-launch, so we have proven each new product before we bring a particular product to the market.

The panel will consist of a revolving customer group who will provide us feedback through quick survey questionnaires. The feedback will be collected and only when 70% of customers approve of an individual formulation will we finally bring a product to market. If over 30% find a product ineffective, we will tweak the product until 70% approve of it. If a product is considered to be ineffective by most of the panel, then we will fine tune it and keep coming back until the panel decided that is does.

"We are creating this panel in order for our community to know these products work". 

So, how does it work?

Each Panel runs from seven to 28 days (the length determined by the type of product under review).
Each tester receives their product sample, information and instruction on correct usage.
They are then asked to report on the product’s performance through a series of simple questionnaires.

Please complete the short questionnaire below, if you would like to take part.

​"Cannacares is in transitional phase as a company, we are overwhelmed with the positive feedback we have had on the 10mg and 20mg patches. So much so that we have decided to start manufacturing our own patches in the UK. We want to make sure that we only bring the best products to our community and with this in mind we have started a Cannacares community panel to ask for constructive feedback on our new products before we officially bring them to a wider audience. I hope you like the samples we have sent you and if it would be possible to answer the following questions so we can know what to focus our attention on" - Isaac Davidson, CEO