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CBD Moisturiser

Cannacares CBD Moisturiser
Cannacares CBD Moisturiser
Cannacares CBD Moisturiser
Cannacares CBD Moisturiser

CBD Moisturiser


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Cannacares’ rich and nourishing CBD moisturiser (100mg/100ml) helps to restore and maintain your skin’s moisture levels, keeping your skin hydrated throughout the day. The velvety texture of our CBD moisturiser is achieved through a natural blend of cacao butter, vitamin E and 100mg of GMP certified CBD. It is also 100% THC free.

Once applied, it has an instant soothing effect on any dry area of skin, leaving a long-lasting softness and vibrancy. The versatile nature of the moisturiser means that it is suitable for both day and night use.

Our CBD moisturiser is also a great option for anyone looking to combat irritating skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. The powerful anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, the soothing effect of cacao butter and the protective capacity of vitamin E combine to provide efficient and long-lasting relief. It’s even vegan friendly!

○ Suitable for all skin types
○ Great remedy for irritating skin conditions
○ Vegan-friendly○ Not tested on animals
○ Enriched with cacao butter and vitamin E
○ 100mg GMP certified CBD in 100ml bottle
○ THC free

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