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Talking with Hollie on CBD & Fibromyalgia

Talking with Hollie on CBD & Fibromyalgia

Had you ever tried CBD before discovering Cannacares?

I have tried some but found they weren’t very effective as the strength was more of a food supplement percentage e.g. 2% which is nothing. Cannacares start from 10% which is an ideal strength to start with if you are just trying CBD for the first time or have tried it before but want to work your way up and see if it helps. 

How has CBD helped you?

CBD (the Cannacares range especially for me) has helped in my ways. For one I have a chronic illness called Fibromyalgia and it’s helped me when my medications haven’t. I also have had both my knees operated on as they have severe damage to them, even after surgery I still suffer some pain which is to be expected so finding safe alternatives to help are a must. I also suffer from anxiety at times so it really helped with that too. Insomnia is another big problem I am faced with and so far I have found nothing that helps my sleep, which is why I would love to try the sleep range from Cannacares. When you live with daily, debilitating pain like mine, you find it hard to find products that are not expensive, and products that do actually work, so I am grateful to have found Cannacares as they are affordable and they actually work so it’s a win-win.

What do you like about Cannacares products?

I like that they aren’t too strong in taste or smell. You can get some CBD oils that make you feel nauseous and some CBD products where the smell is so strong, I worry about others smelling it on my body. Cannacares also do a different range of flavours in their sprays and oils. You also have different choices of strengths which is great.

What products have you tried from the Cannacares range & which do you consider to be your favourite?

So far I have tried the oils, the capsules, the magnesium cream and the patches. If I had to pick a favourite it would be the patches. This is because one patch lasts 24 hours! They are very sticky which means no peeling off in your sleep! They don’t have a strong smell that makes you feel nauseous which is an added bonus. They are also a good size for your arm so you can hide them under clothing. Another product I love is the magnesium CBD topical cream. That is easy to use and although it does have a slight smell, it is again not too strong in smell but it works a treat for my knee pain! Just rub a small amount on and it works for me in under 10 minutes. It’s better than any roll on or cold or heat creams I’ve ever used. 

Did you benefit from the information available on the Cannacares website?    

I knew about CBD before I found your website but I actually came across your website from a family member who had shared it on one of their social media’s. Your information has been very helpful to me and it has been very beneficial.

Will you be paying a visit to one of our pop-up stores in Hampstead, Guildford or Farnham?

I would love to visit the Guildford store as that’s nearby for me. It would be useful to talk to somebody one to one and get even more information about every product and to discuss further. I have always loved talking to Cannacares via chat on the website but I think sometimes visiting a store can be even better. 

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